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Personal Call Center PRO (PCCPRO)
A Virtual Call Center that makes sense!

Use PCCPRO in your office, on the road, when traveling around the globe, or while you are vacationing in Hawaii.

The new PCCPRO is not only an inbound/outbound call tracking system but also a general issue, check-in check-out, team/group tracking and management system. Primarily used for marketing, telemarketing and sales, for the real estate office, security, maintenance, education, and the customer service department.

PCCPRO was specially designed to work in all offices anywhere in the world.


  • Any compatible Internet browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone.
  • A Personal Call Center PRO Account, (FREE4NOW).
  • A user supplied Internet access account.


  • Easy to use and operate

  • Multi-user multi-company ready

  • Users can be located anywhere in the world!

  • Keeps historical data for inbound and outbound calls

  • Track problems, progress and procedures

  • Admin generates and administrates his own call center

  • Admin manages calls/problems/progress and categories

  • Admin manages allowed users, IDs and passwords

  • Users as well as the Admin, have full control of all calls, can Add, Edit, Delete, Search or Reassign calls

  • One Call Center per company or Admin.

  • Call Center is shared among all declared users

  • Calls can be reassigned to other members of each Call Center group

  • (New!) Color guided severity tracking system

  • (New!) Unlimited posting system for each call/issue.

  • (New!) Three security levels: Admin, Supervisor, User

  • (New!) System ready for caller IDs and all external applications

  • (New!) Admin/Manager/Supervisor can monitor entered calls

  • (New!) Master Database ready for faster data entry

  • Intuitive user interface

  • No need of extensive manuals to learn


Designed to work in many environments

Inbound Call Center

In an inbound call center, the service representatives handle calls initiated by the customers, usually from a toll free number. Inbound call center services include customer care, order taking and processing, sales processing or direct response, lead generation, billing and payment support. Such centers can also support web-enabled services such as email support and live chat.

Outbound Call Center

An outbound call center is where call center agents or service representatives make calls to the customers as directed by the company or clients. It is primarily for telemarketing, sales and product promotion. Other services are fund-raising, debt collection and processing, administering surveys and updating contact lists.

Virtual Call Center

Virtual call centers are where the service representatives are not at a specific work stations in a building operated company. Although the representatives are scattered geographically, they still provide the same services offered in typical call centers. This type of setup provides convenience to workers and saves the business time and money.

Phone Call Center

Phone call centers operate through automated phone systems having Integrated Voice Response and Voice Broadcasting features. Automated phone systems use recorded voice prompts and menus to provide inbound and outbound services. Phone call centers are usually used by banks and telecommunication companies for customers' billing inquiries and other numerical information.



We have the resources and expertise to provide solutions for Order Taking, Customer Service & Technical and Sales Support, Sales Leads Generation & Appointment Setting. Our company offers a full spectrum of business solutions like our Personal Call Center PRO, our Prospect Database Builder (SGS), our Group Management Systems, our Smart Business Directory, our Surveys System, and our Newsroom

Personal Call Center PRO helps you ensure the success of your business.



Phone numbers can by supplied manually or automatically from a caller id device or other external applications.
The advantage of using any automated system ranges from precision to speed during data entry.

Personal Call Center PRO is ready to accommodate the use of any automated system.


For only $995.00 we can supply you with both, hardware and software for this feature to work.

For inbound call tracking, it is recommended to have at least one client station equipped with this module.
If all calls come through a single PBX incoming line, then you would need only one caller ID device installed.
However, if each station has a separate/individual line with separate phone numbers, then you would need
one caller ID device installed for each workstation.

When used with our SBD "simultaneously",
it becomes a powerful Sales Lead Management System.


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