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How do I setup my MyBBS.org email on my Android?

To setup your MyBBS.org email account on your mobile phone/tablet/laptop/PC, it must first exist in our email server. You exist in our email server by "Registering" yourself at http://MyBBS.org

Next, configure your mobile phone and/or tablet by accesing "Settings", and then "Accounts" on your device. Then click on "Add Account" and choose "Mail" or "Email". Make sure you do not choose GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO or any other type of account. In Some phone sistems it is shown as "POP Account", or "POP3 Account". Any of these possibilities are OK.

Next you would need to have a few pieces of information at hand:

Email/Username: Type your full MyBBS.org email address. (Ex: john@mybbs.org) all in lower case.

Password: Enter your MyBBS email account password. The same password you used at the time of registration.

Incoming Mail Server: mail.mybbs.org (For POP or IMAP accounts )
Incoming Port: 110 (for POP accounts).(USE THIS ON LAPTOPS)
Incoming Port :143 (for IMAP accounts) (USE THIS POR CELL PHONES).

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.mybbs.org (For SMTP or IMAP accounts
Outgoing Port: 587 (for both IMAP and SMTP accounts).


For further assistance with a specific mobile device, please see the device provider’s help documentation:

1.- Blackberry, 2.- iPhone, 3.- Treo

Additional tip for iPhone users: If you receive the error message “This Certificate for your domain is not Valid”, ignore it. Make sure you go into Advanced settings in Mail Settings, turn off SSL, and change the incoming port to 110 (do not 995!).



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