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Visiting a web site could lead you to win big money fast!

Most people on the web are certainly in the group of the impatient crowds that navigate the Internet on a daily basis. These folks expect web sites to load in the blink of an eye. If it doesn’t, they’re gone at the instant -- and maybe, they will never return again.

I’m not saying these folks are bad people. Our natural frustration with waiting for a page to load doesn’t mean we’re overly demanding or even particularly stressed-out. It’s just . . . "normal behavior".

The fact is, slow pages are a drag. Nobody likes them. If people think they can find a faster page, or they can get the information faster, the average web users among them will click away -- fast. How fast? Two to three seconds, depending on which research you cite.

According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less. Kissmetrics' analytics say that 40 percent of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

This impatience doesn’t affect just how quickly people will bounce off a page if it doesn’t load promptly. It has downright devastating affects on conversion rates too. In fact, just a one-second delay in page load time can cut conversions by 7 percent. Amazon discovered this a few years ago. For that megasite, every extra second it takes a page to load costs the company an estimated $1.6 billion dollars in sales each year.

Of course, a typical small business website won’t suffer penalties like that. But who wants to lose 7 percent of leads or sales to something so simple and so fixable?

If users like fast pages so much, and it influences their behavior this strongly, is it any surprise that search engines care about it, too? The answer is no, which is why the swiftness with which pages load affects search rankings. It’s not the strongest ranking signal, but it matters.

Despite this importance of website speed, most small businesses have no plans for making any improvements. According to Clutch's Small Business Websites in 2016 survey, only 21 percent -- about one in five -- of small businesses surveyed said they planned on improving their website’s performance.

While that’s a bit discouraging, it can be good news for us: This is a prime opportunity to get ahead of our competition. Check the speed our web pages come out. Most, if not all, display in less than 1 second.

First thing to do? See how fast our site is right now. Google’s free "PageSpeed Insights" tool will give you a pretty detailed analysis in less than a minute. The tool gives you a report for both mobile and desktop users. Our score on the first attemp was already 95 over 100. Very few web sites in the world can acchieve that score -- so high. We do. Without even preparing ourselves for that analysis.

Want a second opinion on how fast our site is? Try "Pingdom’s free tool" and compare our results with other web sites. We've got and access time from 552 to 992 micro-seconds, not even 1 second. Some of these PageSpeed reports will look a bit advanced because, well,they are. If you are, in fact, pretty technical, there’s a good how-to article on how to take those results and improve them.

You can help in keeping our system pretty fast as possible by keeping image sizes as small as possible.

Given that we know that increasing profits is a top challenge for 45 percent of small business owners, this seems like at least one way to get there. Keeping and maintaingin our system as fast as possible,

So, of course, website speed matters. And improving it could help everybody's business a lot. Using MyBBS.org for yous business and communication needs helps to increase business a lot, and if statistcs are true, you’ll probably be earning big money -- fast.

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