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On: Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 10:03:26 AM
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This BBS installed correctly! However, sometimes it crashes!

This BBS (BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM) (MyBBS) was installed correctly and it is now fully functional/operational. However, sometimes it crashes.

We are constantly upgrading and adding features to the whole system, and so, we have to make changes to the scripts that make this service possible. Sometimes, while making those changes, we manage to crash the whole system temporalily, we are very good at it, ... believe me!, but we solve most if not all problems immediatelly. The end result, something was added or expanded and the whole system should be much better.

If this system suddenly crashes on you, with no apparent reason, please do not panic. It is not something serious. It just means that we are working on it. Please give it a try again by refreshing the page, or comeback at a later time to see some added features. Now, if you really want to help us, take a snapshot of the screen and send it to us via email at support@mybbs.org

For those not so familiar with "Forums" and "BBSs", we call it "Topics" where other web sites call it "Threads", but "Topics" are "Threads" and "Threads" are "Topics", as simple as that. Just click on "New Topic" to create a "New Thread". Got it?

Now, lets not wait any longer and give it a try right now!, if you are already a member of this forum, post your first topic now! Select the "General" Category on the Main Page of this BBS and pick up the first Forum on the list. Let us know about your experience with this website. Tell us how you like it so far.

By the way, PM is the abbreviation of "Private Message". When you click on it, you will be able to write a "private message" to the author of each article on this board in case you need more information, or if you wish to contact the author to greet him/her, or to complain about his topic.

More amazing features available when you login. Visit the official BBS forums at http://mybbs.org to learn more about this Bulletin Board System (BBS).

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