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On: Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 10:46:04 PM
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A company like Facebook controlling what we think and how humanity lives?

Why do other important social networks are disappearing in the world?

They do not like what we think, or what we say, and block us from making comments that they don't like?

I suggest you that you use the MyBBS.org forums to comment about Facebook. This article was already blocked on Facebook. Something very unusual is happening in this world, the largest social networks are being consumed by the Facebook social network, (they are disappearing),

I do not know if you know this already but they also acquired "WhatsApp"; and so, they now have us practically controlled all the way, fully identified, they know what we are talking about, who we are talking to, what we think, who are our contacts, our family, our family pictures, etc, what we complain about, and when we complain also. Our conforts and disconforts. Practically everything!

If they want to silence us, as they have been doing it all the time already, They do it, when they like it and when they want it.

Let's all have an alternative to communicate, open an account here at MyBBS.org ( they also give us a free email account ).

Soon I will write another article about what I have been able to observe. This is not at all pleasant and I have some hints that stink about these last events that affect all humanity.

My friends, this is something very, very serious. I am thinking it is something really bad . What is happening in this world with these type of controls over humanity, exersiced by a private company with powers all over the world, it is something very serious.

We have to be well informed and monitor these events with more care.

GooglePlus disappeared, MSN disappeared, Hi5 disappeared, the most powerful social networks are disappearing.

Alse, please remember that it was already revealed that the CIA and the US government are behind facebook, trying to build a profile for every human being on this planet. The question is: Why?

The purpose of these acts is what really matters. Corruption has already manifested itself, in a thousand ways, in all governments of the world. They are not to protect humanity but to fuck us all up as they have been doing it already for thousands of years.

Are we really going to let this to continue forever?

Please copy this text that I think Facebook will make it disappear at lightning speed and share it with all your family and friends. I consider it of extreme importance that the whole humanity, in all social levels, analyze and understand very well about this problem.

We are living in danger thanks to the new technologies that have developed in the world. Keep alert and share (copy) this information and post it with your friends, on your walls, and do it as soon as possible. I think they may be preparing us for something deadly, macabre, and irreversible. Will they want to enslave all humanity?

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